SDMC annually runs a variety of Championships with the following awards presented at the club dinner dance in November.


Club Championship: The big one! A round of typically 16 - 18 events comprising a little bit of everything and open to everyone, the Club Championship is the most prestigious award on offer and requires considerable skills in a range of motorsporting disciplines to win, as well as no shortage of determination and dedication.
The Mitchell Trophy: Is presented to the runner-up of the SDMC Club Championship.
The John W. Beggs Ladies Trophy: Donated by club member Leslie Spilman-Vie in honour of her late father John, a dedicated hot-rodder and general car nut. This trophy is presented to the highest placed lady in the Club Championship, quite fitting as Leslie describes her dad as "something of a ladies man"! Click here to read Les's tribute.
The Farrochie Cup : Due to the lack of Autocrosses in recent times, the Farrochie Cup will now be presented to the fastest time set on the SDMC Rally Time Trial by an SDMC member.
Previously presented to the fastest Club member on the first SDMC Autocross of the year.
The Checkpoint Shield : Highest placed SDMC Crew on the Speyside Stages
The Joe Bey Trophy: Presented to the club member who, by a committee vote, has been judged to have done the most work on behalf of the club in the year. A highly coveted award as there are always a lot of people giving up their free time for SDMC!
The Ambassador Trophy: New for 2009 and donated by Nick Walker of Newtonhill's 20th Century Classics, the Ambassador Trophy will be awarded to the club member who has competed in the most events throughout the year without winning a trophy. Intended to reward the stalwart clubmen who support the club by consistently competing without necessarily having the means of winning.
The Groundwater Lift Trucks Junior Trophy: Another donation from a club member, many thanks to SRC front-runner Barry Groundwater for donating this trophy! Awarded to the winner of the Junior Championship, comprised of low-budget events and open to competitors under 21 years old. Groundwater Lift Trucks offer sales, hire, service and parts for a variety of forklifts, loaders and other equipment all over the UK.
The Belmont Communications Senior Trophy: Another relatively new award, with the trophy kindly donated by club members John and Gail Clark through their company Belmont Communications who specialise in radio and telecomms equipment sales and hire. The award is presented to the highest placed Senior: i.e Club competitor over 50 years of age.
Fiesta Challenge Trophy: A low-cost series within the club championship open to small engined cars with limited modifications, The Fiesta Challenge has always been closely fought and is even more popular since it was opened to cars other than the Ford Fiesta! Click here to read more.
Autotest Championship: With several skilled and dedicated Autotesters among SDMCs ranks, this is another Championship that tends to be fairly hotly contested. As with the other championships this is based on class as opposed to overall points so the champion come year end will not necessarily be the driver of an Autotest Special!
Speed Championship: In previous years the SDMC Speed Championship encompassed Sprints and Hillclimbs, however as with SDMC member interest in these events dropping, the only events now counting for this championship are the SDMC Autocross and Clubcross events. This should mean the action on the grass is closer than ever!
Novice Rally Championship: The first rung on the road rallying ladder, the Novice championship is comprised of a number of rallies organised by local clubs, with awards for the winning driver and navigator. The navigation clues for these events are designed to suit the raw skills of a newcomer, although don't make the mistake of assuming that this automatically makes them easy!
Non-Expert Rally Championship: The next step up, basically when you go into a Novice event expecting to clean it you should be having a go at these! Although the route used will be the same for all three classes, the clues are more difficult and complex. In addition to this, the locations of all the time controls are not always given making the navigation more challenging. In some cases the clues are identical to the Expert level, however at his level you are more likely to be given the grid references of all the time controls.
Expert Rally Championship (Scott Trophy Shield): Intended for experienced crews, the Expert clues are often very cryptic, open to huge amounts of interpretation and include a variety of dead ends to confuse the unwitting navigator. Many of the time controls will not be listed, so success at this level depends even more on the skill of the navigator than at Novice and Non-Expert level.
Kennedy Shield: Top Stonehaven & District Motor Club crew on the Hairst Navigational Rally
Marshals Championship (Abospeed Quaich): This award is dedicated to those yellow-bibbed heroes who give up their weekends to stand around all day, braving all sorts of weather, getting splattered with muck at Autocrosses, chasing cars up hills at PCTs and being peppered with stones at stage rallies!
Social Championship: Another championship available to the non-competitor (although I don't think you can really describe John or Duncan as non-competitors!), the Social championship was introduced in 2007 and has been a huge success. Quiz Nights, Scalextric/PS2 Challenges, Bowling and Karting have all featured here, as well as the world famous SDMC Treasure Hunts!
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