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Motor Sport is one of the most popular sports in Britain with around 750 registered motor clubs, who organise over 4300 events in 22 different disciplines. Some 30,000 individuals hold Motor Sport Association (MSA) competition licences and there are at least 100,000 competitors in total.

Anyone over the age of eight can drive competitively and there are even opportunities for disabled drivers. As for cars, many forms of motorsport can be tackled with completely standard road going cars, while others permit only very limited modifications. Actually, you don't even need a car to compete. Several types of motor sports require each car to carry a passenger often as an active participant!

If you prefer not to compete at all, there are opportunities to marshal, to help with organising events, or simply to spectate.

To compete in any form of motor sport in the UK you must be a member of an MSA approved club. Stonehaven and District Motor Club are such and membership allows you to compete in events from as south as Dundee to as north as Inverness. A MSA competition licence will allow you to compete nationwide and at a higher level.


Members of SDMC compete in many forms of motorsport - the most common are:


This is one of the cheapest and most enjoyable forms of motor sport, where you can use a perfectly standard road car, but where driving ability is vital. Cars compete alone, against the clock. The driver must negotiate a set route, between, through and around various obstacles, usually plastic cones. Usually some parts of the route must be tackled in reverse gear. The surface is normally smooth tarmac. The entry is divided into classes, according to each car's size and technical specification (eg front wheel drive and rear wheel drive)



This type of event is a circuit laid out on a grass surface and cars compete individually against the clock, although more than one car may start at the same time. Because the course is usually bumpy and there is a risk of contact with other cars, most competitors use specially prepared cars, often inexpensive.

Sprints & Hillclimbs
These are mostly held on smooth tarmac over a measured distance against the clock. A variety of cars compete at these events, from standard road cars to specialised sophisticated single seat racing cars. These are divided into classes by types and engine capacities.

Sprint & Hillclimb

Navigational Rally

Navigational Road Rallies
These events are often described as the foundation to Special Stage Rallying. Rallies are held on public roads and run at night to minimise the inconvience caused to the public. Here it is the skill of the driver and navigator working as a team which is most important perhaps with the emphasis on the navigator's skill. The navigator's job is to solve the clues given out by the organisers. The answers relates to an Ordinance Survey map and the route is then plotted out. The navigator then instructs the driver as to which roads should be taken to get them to the designated point within the allocated time period. A standard road car is suitable for these events in which speed is not of the essence.

Special Stage Rallies
This is the most commonly known form of rallying due to its television coverage, stage rallying is one of the ultimate forms of motorsport. Rallies can be held on a number of varying surfaces, most being held on either gravel or tarmac against the clock. A number of levels of competition are available from clubman to full factory supported team. All these specialised cars are required, built to MSA and FIA standards.

Special Stage Rally


For those wishing to become involved in motor sport but not as a competitor, there can be no better introduction than to volunteer as a marshal or official.

To organise any event requires a small army of volunteers, usually many more than the number of competitors. These volunteers carry out a wide range of duties, all of which contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the event. Your presence will be welcomed and appreciated. As a marshall, you will join a band of enthusiasts who enjoy their motor sport. There is also a chance to win a prize in "Marshal Draws" on some events.

Production Car Trials
Reintroduced in the 2009 season, Production Car Trialling involves a two man crew in a standard car on road tyres attempting to negotiate as much of a large hill course as possible. Outright speed is not necessarily an advantage, the winner being the crew that managed to advance the furthest up the hill, with penalties awarded for clipping course markers. Expect lots of bouncing and weight-shifting as the crews struggle to make traction overcome gravity! This is another excellent form of budget motorsport, with running costs and entry requirements likely to be similar to Autotesting.

Production Car Trials
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